Entrance and Exit examination structure

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Entrance Examination process:

The central entrance exam will be conducted at a venue and time designated. It will be announced on the website as well as by personal registered mail to the candidate. The venue and time usually will be annual FHNO conference venue and time. The written test will be multiple choice question (MCQ) based in a single correct option format. The questions will be limited to basic aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, surveillance and research pertaining to head and neck oncology. A suggested bibliography will be available on the FHNO website. The result will be announced in valedictory function of the meeting with allotment of centres.

Exit Exam:

  • The exit exam will be conducted at individual centres.
  • The exit exam will be taken in theory / OSCE / viva format.
  • Theory exam will be on the same days nationally.
  • the viva and OSCE / clinical case exam will be conducted on the day of convenience of the centre.
  • Exam results will be posted on FHNO website.
  • If candidate is not able to clear exit exam (score less than 50%), he has an option to appear in next exit exam for 2 years with exam fees of Rs. 10,000 for each attempt.