Selection of participating institution

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Selection of participating institution

  • An application form for institutions will be available on the FHNO institutional fellowship website
  • It will be the responsibility of the participating institution to provide information specific to the program, including a list of teaching faculty, surgical workload, clinical and research responsibilities anticipated from the fellow, careers of former graduates if applicable, and core subspecialty competence of the department.
  • The institute will be inspected by member of FHNO institutional fellowship approval committee, designated by Task Force. The task force will review recommendations of the inspector and take appropriate decision.
  • The institution will also appoint a Fellowship Program Director, an Assistant Program Director and a Program Co-ordinator.
  • FHNO institutional fellowship can be over and above any ongoing fellowships at the centre.
  • At present one fellow per institute will be approved (for initial two years of period)
  • Accredited institutes will be able to apply for one more fellow (total 2) for year 2020 intake, provided they have enough workload and infrastructure, which will be decided after evaluation of its merit by the task force.
  • Application fees for centre for approval for fellowship will be Rs 10,000 which will be non-refundable, payable to FHNO.
  • If the centre is approved, it will have to pay FHNO a one-time payment of Rs 50,000 as charges for fellowship proceedings, which is valid for four years.

Criteria for Eligibility – Institution & Faculty

  Essential minimum requirements Optional Requirements
Infrastructure Minimum Indoor bed strength - 100
Dedicated Surgical ICU.
HN examination rooms with appropriate telescopes and office biopsy infrastructure
fibreoptic nasolaryngoscope
Robotics, Endoscopic nasal and skull base set up.
Operating Microscope.
Allied departments Medical Oncology
Radiation Oncology
Onco Pathology
Onco Radiology
Preventive, Palliative, Oncopsychology, Nutrition, Physio, speech & swallowing, Biostatistics
Faculty Minimum experience:
  1. MCh HN / MCh Surg Onco with 7 years clinical &/or 5 yrs. teaching
  2. MS with 7 yrs. of dedicated HN Surgical Oncology clinical experience
workload / month 50 HN opd patients (new)
25 HN Surgeries

Above mentioned criteria can be amended time to time by FHNO Institutional Fellowship Committee.

Fellowship committee reserves last right about eligibility decision.