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Important points:

  • FHNO Institutional Fellowship Education Committee has planned a series of 11 didactic online sessions. Detailed schedule is in the table below. Topics will be presented by In charge faculty / National Faculty.
  • This lecture series is only for ongoing fellows of FHNO Institutional Fellowship students. Attendance in these sessions will be marked for internal evaluation. It is must to attend 8 sessions at least.
  • Each session is dedicated to one subtopic and we will try to discuss all important points. Each session will be of 90 minutes. They will be scheduled at 5:30 PM. Further details and login details will be mailed to you in due course.
  • We encourage you to read beforehand and be ready with any questions if you have. You can also mail your relevant questions to in advance.
  • Please mail for queries.
Index In charge Faculty Date Topic
Deepak Balasubramanian 27-3-21 Basic Oncology
Tejal Patel 10-4-21 Principals of Radiation Oncology in HN
Samskruthi Murthy 24-4-21 Principals of Systemic Therapy Oncology in HN
Dushyant Mandlik 8-5-21 Oral Cancers: Tongue
Aditya Joshipura 22-5-21 Oral Cancers: Buccal Mucosa
Purvi Patel 5-6-21 Oral Cancers: Neck
Vikram Kekatpure 19-6-21 Premalignant lesions and Chemoprevention
3-7-21 Salivary Gland
Shamit Chopra 17-7-21 Thyroid
Ajay Kumar 31-7-21 Oropharynx
Ramandeep Kaur 14-8-21 Larynx