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Dear Partner Institutes for FHNO Fellowship,

As we are heading towards entrance exam for the fellowship, we want the process to be efficient and transparent.

For that matter, we will like a short description of your institute and program (Max word 200) which we can put on the website (It must include Name and address of the centre, Name and contact of Fellowship director, asst. director and program coordinator. Other faculties. Description of program and centre) We will also like a one-point contact (email and phone). We will like to share these details with the candidate as we want them to have a look at all the institutes available, and satisfy their queries if there are any by contacting you. Candidates will also prepare a chronological selection list of Institutes based on this.

Before the entrance exam process, we will send you application forms of all the candidates. You need to prepare a preference list by giving rank to the candidates in chronology, the first one being most appropriate for your institute. We will like to have that list mailed to us by January 31, 2019. It will be kept confidential.

The entrance exams, interviews and selection by exam committee members, are scheduled on February 7,8 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Please also see attached mail sent to candidates for the detailed process.

We will also like you to know about one amendment we have done for the program. The fellowship will have two paths for training with different curricula, according to the primary qualification of the candidates. The fellows with Maxillofacial background will be trained for “FHNO Oral Oncology Fellowship” and will be awarded certificate for “Oral Oncology”. The fellows with other background will be trained for “FHNO Head & Neck Fellowship” and will be awarded certificate for “Head & Neck Oncology”.

We encourage you to refer the website www.fhnofellowship.org time and again for important updates.