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Dear Candidates for FHNO Fellowship,

We will like to update you for some information.

The fellowship will have two paths for training with different curricula, according to the primary qualification of the candidates. The fellows with Maxillofacial background will be trained for “FHNO Oral Oncology Fellowship” and will be awarded certificate for “Oral Oncology”. The fellows with other background will be trained for “FHNO Head & Neck Fellowship” and will be awarded certificate for “Head & Neck Oncology”.

We will like you to go to the fellowship website and have detailed look at each of the participating institutes. If required we also encourage you to talk to the representatives of the institute, or visit them. Soon, we will put a brief detail of all accredited institutes also. It will help you to select your institutes, as you will be required to submit a choice list of institutes in chronological order by January 31, 2019.

Each accredited institute will form institutional rank order list of candidates, usually based on their review of application of the candidate and/or other information. These lists will be submitted to the Fellowship Committee prior to interviews, and will be kept confidential.

We will like again to clarify about entrance exam process:

The central entrance exam will be conducted on Feb 7,8 at Ahmedabad. The exact venue within Ahmedabad will be communicated shortly. It will be announced on the website as well as by personal registered mail to the candidate.

WRITTEN EXAM (February 7, 2019)

The written test will be multiple choice question (MCQ) based in a single correct option format. The questions will be limited to basic aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, surveillance and research pertaining to head and neck oncology.

The approximate distribution of the 60 questions will be:

  1. Basic sciences incl. head and neck anatomy and physiology- 10
  2. Questions on published clinical, basic and outcomes research- 10
  3. Surgical decision-making including incision, approach, resection, neck dissection and reconstruction- 15
  4. Multidisciplinary decision making e.g. adjuvant therapy- 10
  5. QoL/Rehabilitative strategies incl facial, swallowing, speech and other functional rehabilitation- 5
  6. Strategies of prevention and early detection- 5
  7. Future directions- 5

50 questions out of the 60 (and no more) must be answered. The candidates will get 90 minutes to answer the 50 chosen questions. If a candidate answers over 50 questions, the first 50 marked answers will be considered.

To accommodate the multidisciplinary applicant base, no more than 5 questions will pertain to a single site within the head and neck.

INTERVIEW (February 8, 2019)

Following the written exam, all candidates with complete applications who also answered at least 50 theory questions will be interviewed by a panel, in order of merit based on marks scored in written exam.

The interview will include general assessment, appraisal of short-term and long-term goals, and review of application materials including presentations at national meetings, publications and experience certificate/s at head and neck oncology centres.


The Fellowship Committee will subsequently collate the institutional and candidate rank order lists, to ensure optimal candidate selection, during this matching process. Matching during subsequent fellowship cycles will be computer-based and automated.

The final list of selected candidates will be displayed on the FHNO website.

We encourage you to refer the website www.fhnofellowship.org time and again for important updates.